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Wellpoint Systems
Wellpoint Systems are the most commonly used dewatering method.  A properly installed system will pre-drain and stabilize wet soils up to a depth of 17'.  Additional stages can be installed if the excavation is deeper.  The wellpoint system consists of a series of wellpoints usually jetted into place.  CDPW Inc. can hand-jet, punch, or pre-drill for placing wellpoints.  The tip of the wellpoint will generally be a minimum of six feet below the proposed elevation.
The wellpoints are connected to a common header system by a flexible swing joint.  Each swing has a valve to control the flow of water and air into the header.  The header system is connected to a pump to maintain a continuous vacuum.  Atmospheric pressure forces water through the ground, up the wellpoint, through the header system and into the pump where it is discharged to the approved location.

CDPW offers a full installation service for wellpoint system applications.  Our highly experienced team will visit your site and by using soil analysis will advise you on the best solution for your dewatering requirement. We will advise on the depth and also the quantity and positioning to ensure that the excavation remains dry through-out the project cycle. 

CDPW is available for system tuning and maintenance.