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AutoPrimeTM Jet Pumps
Complete Dewatering’s AutoPrimeTM High-Pressure Jet Pumps are used for water jetting wellpoint punches, casings, and self-jetting wellpoints into hard ground conditions.  They are also suited for temporary pumping under discharge pressure conditions or high discharge lifts.  Vacuum assist system will prime and reprime pump automatically. 

CDPW can design and build high pressure pumps from 80 to 300 PSI, either diesel or electric powered.  CALL COMPLETE WITH YOUR SPECIFIC APPLICATION.

Standard model (2-1/2 JP) for hand jetting and small punches or casings. 
High pressure model (3 JP) for large punches or casings or hose runs greater than 400’.
Catalog Sheet
Download Cut Sheet 2.5" AutoPrimeTM
Jet Pump 
Download Cut Sheet 3" AutoPrimeTM
Jet Pump 
  • Welded steel integral fuel tank sized for 18-24hr run time; clean out ports at all four corners
  • Complete Vacuum Assist System with rotary vane vacuum pump, steel air/water separation tank, automatic peeler valve, and closed loop high efficiency oil reclaimer
  • Cast iron pump construction
  • High pressure cast iron automatic check valve on discharge
  • Electric start / alternator
  • Standard all models: Lockable fuel cap, Battery hold-down, Single point lifting bail, and Volute drain
  • Murphy engine control panel
  • Diesel engine (Tier 3 rebuilt or Tier 4 new) or Electric motor options available
  • Engines: Isuzu, Cummings, Deutz, John Deere, Kohler, or Perkins (additional engines available upon request)
  • Trailer mounted: Highway wheels / tires, Torsion bar axle, DOT light kit, Highway fenders, Tow hitch, and Brake kit available
  • Frame mounted hose carry racks and baskets
  •  “Whisper Pack” full or partial enclosures
  • Camlock or Bauer type suction and discharge fittings (please consult CDPW for additional fittings)
  • Jetting for bridge pilings and wellpointing
  • Irrigation for golf courses and agriculture
  • Washing of crushed rock and industrial equipment
  • ​Water blasting applications