Contract Dewatering
CDPW started developing expertise in groundwater control in 1923 to solve construction site groundwater problems.  Complete realized the need for a qualified, reliable dewatering contractor to meet the needs of both property owners and general contractors.  Today, Compete is one of the largest dewatering contractors in North America.  Our commitment to performance, value, engineering and service are unmatched!  Complete offers the latest techniques, reliable equipment and a highly skilled staff with over 100 years combined experience in all sectors of construction dewatering.
Complete Dewatering has developed a reputation with contractors and engineers for handling even the most difficult dewatering projects successfully, cost effectively, and on schedule.  CDPW specializes in contract basis dewatering, taking the project from the initial evaluation to implementation and then removal.  Complete also monitors and maintains the system throughout the operating period.  Alternatively, Complete will design and install the system, then your personnel will monitor and maintain the system. 
To ensure projects are completed on schedule, we boast a large inventory of dewatering equipment and support parts.  Our extensive inventory of pumps are the most reliable in the industry.  Complete’s pumps are powered by either diesel or electric motors depending to job conditions.  Our fleet ranges in size from 3” to 10” capable of handling volumes as high as 5,000 USGPM (18,900 L/min).   Complete’s supply of wellpoint systems is endless, as all wellpoint equipment is manufactured by us in our 39,000 sq. ft. facility in Edgewater, FL.
We believe the key to successful dewatering is reliable and personalized service.  Great care is taken to satisfy the contractor’s specific needs to bring the project to completion ON TIME and WITHIN BUDGET.
CDPW are experts in:
--Well point dewatering
--Sock underdrain dewatering
--Deep well dewatering
--Municipal By-pass work
--Open Sumping
If your project demands you get out on the ground quickly, call CDPW at 1-800-800-9562.  We are the “go to” dewatering company for fast track projects.  We invite you to contact us for a list of reference and major projects recently completed 
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